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The most acknowledged figures in the field publicly endorse Nixtla

“The best python implementation of my methods are available from Nixtla”

Rob Hyndman
Monash University

“Nixtla is building time series forecasting tech the right way: focusing on evaluation/reproducibility, playing well with engineering systems, and providing a variety of options so users can choose the right tool for the job”

Sean Taylor
Creator of Facebook Prophet | Mofit Analytics

“Don’t waste time building time series models with complex and hard to use libraries and APIs. Check out the simple and super easy to use libraries from Nixtla”

Dipanjan Sakar
Google Developer Expert

“The robust evaluation that the Nixtla team always follows is a testament to why the Nixtla team succeeds in building their tech stack”

Valeriy Manokhin
Open Predictive Technologies

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world use Nixtla

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