Making predictive insights accessible to everyone.

Nixtla is a time series research and deployment company. We provide businesses of all sizes, across all industries, with state-of-the-art forecasting tools that enable them to reduce uncertainty and make data-driven decisions.

Our Purpose

At Nixtla, we believe in AI's transformative potential for temporal tabular data. Our mission is to democratize advanced AI tools, ensuring they're dependable, scalable, and user-friendly. We're advocates for open-source synergy, making elite temporal tabular data solutions accessible to everyone, sparking collective advancement in the AI domain.

Democratize and Simplify Advanced AI

We strive to make cutting-edge tools in temporal tabular data, forecasting, and anomaly detection universally accessible, blending intuitive design to ensure organizations of all sizes and expertise can harness AI seamlessly.

Open Source and Collective Innovation

Rooted in our commitment to open-source, we foster a collaborative platform where ideas converge, and continuous scientific innovations are realized, pushing the boundaries of shared AI advancements.

Reliable and Scalable

We aim to continuously innovate and optimize our technologies, ensuring the highest levels of reliability, accuracy, and scalability, allowing users to confidently implement our solutions in diverse and demanding environments.

Optimize Ease of Use

To prioritize user-centric design and intuitive interfaces, enabling seamless interaction with our tools and solutions, thus lowering the entry barrier and allowing a broader audience to harness the power of advanced AI effortlessly.

Our Team

Our backgrounds are eclectic, ranging from researchers, data scientists, and engineers, to philosophers, economists, and mathematicians, each unified in our mission to democratize access to cutting-edge predictive insights and reshape the realm of AI for temporal tabular data.


At the heart of Nixtla is our commitment to groundbreaking research and continuous scientific innovation. We delve deep into the complexities of exploring uncharted territories in temporal tabular data to push the boundaries of what is known and possible.


Our products are the embodiment of our relentless quest for precision and excellence in AI. Designed with user-centricity and intuitive interaction, our cutting-edge, reliable, and scalable solutions in forecasting and anomaly detection are accessible to entities of all sizes and levels of expertise. We strive to lower the entry barriers to advanced AI, enabling a broader audience to harness the power of innovative technology effortlessly, and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Open source

Our meticulous research fuels our open-source initiatives, contributing to the collective advancement of AI technology and the shared journey of discovery in the realms of data.

Our Values

01 Committed to Our Purpose: A Future for Everybody.

We are unwavering in our dedication to our mission. We are individuals relentlessly pursuing to shape not just Nixtla, but the future of data science and machine learning. A future democratizing access to state-of-the-art predictive insights.

02 Curiosity & Rigorous Thought

We are bound by unyielding curiosity and a communal passion for deciphering the universe that surrounds us. Our mission is to innovate and to uncover, employing rigorous and first principles thinking to challenge and extend the boundaries of the known, reshaping perceptions, and constructing foundational advancements in our journey through the uncharted.

03 Think Big & Dive Deep

Our aspirations are boundless, and we pursue revolutionary ideas with zeal and resilience. We investigate every challenge profoundly, exploring every aspect to spearhead unparalleled innovation. Our path is characterized by relentless refinement and enhancement, seizing every opportunity to optimize our processes and solutions for supreme efficacy.

04 Community & Open Collaboration

We thrive on community spirit and open dialogue, seeing them as catalysts for transformative innovation. Our passion for openness is evident in our pivotal open-source initiatives, reflecting our belief in collective knowledge-building and shared advancement. Here, every contribution and insight fuels our mission, driving progress that echoes across the technological landscape.

05 Cultivate empowerment and ownership

We cultivate a sense of ownership and empowerment within every member. We are more than founders; we are contributors to a cause, motivated to make a meaningful impact and to revolutionize the data field. Our journey is fueled by passion, by a love for the digital realm and a desire to excel crafting new paths in our relentless pursuit of knowledge.

06 Inclusion & Diversity

Collaboration is central to our work, culture, and value proposition. While we have many teams at Nixtla, we feel the broader sense in which we are all on the same team working together towards the mission. Leadership sets the strategy, with broad input from everyone, and trusts each piece of the organization to pursue these goals in their unique style. Individuals commonly contribute to work across many different areas.

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